KENProstats™ is an intelligent and interoperable Production Management Solution that provides end-to-end visibility in to the manufacturing processes and help the producers to drive operational excellence. The flexible and cost-effective on-cloud Production Management System is capable enough to meet the current and future storage demands of the enterprises.

Eliminate the work chaos

KENProstats™ is a comprehensive Production Management Software which offers an array of advanced tools to reduce the risks involved and streamline the process of deployment and maintenance of the product. From production planning to delivery, KENProstats™ let you analyze the entire project plan and eliminate the work chaos even before you are actually going to start the project.

Helps you to Hit the Timelines

The visually rich and fully integrated dashboard of the KENProstats™ provides you with the insights of all the departments, timelines for the project, issues of the project etc., and help you to monitor the manufacturing process effectively. Using these insights, you can modify or re-create the existing project plans to deliver the project in the pre-determined timeline and enhance the productivity.

Unlimited Growth

Includes unlimited storage, cloud servers, database & also unlimited customization
requests for life.

Enterprise Grade

360 degree enterprise grade security along with 24x7 monitoring of your complete
environment by experts

Pay Per Use

Complete Zero Cost of Ownership and pay only for what you use till the extent of per
minute billing & charge

Streamlined Processes

KENProStats™ helps you optimize the manufacturing processes starting from production planning and scheduling, to refine product quality and compliance.

Scrutinize Costs

Improved visibility into all the financial aspects of production helps in identifying potential areas for savings to reduce cost of maintenance and goods sold.

Quality Control

Configurable interface to monitor product defects with complete insight into design and production process issues, take the needed steps to ensure improved product quality and sales figure.

Dynamic Scheduler

Enhanced control over various components of the inventory with more accurate demand planning, production scheduling, and more effective coordination of distribution channels.

360° Visibility

A single integrated Dashboard with graphically rich design for easy understanding and usage helps to manage the multiple work procedures and production mechanism in a workstation.

Data Security

KENProStats™ provides you a centralized storage repository with multiple built-in resources and firewalls for storing all the crucial information and documents securely.

Reliable Planning

Get 360° insights of all the departments with an access to key performance metrics, required to make more informed business decisions ensuring optimized day-to-day operations.

Advanced Reporting

Seamless customization of reports for Bill of Material (Production, Sales, Assembly) containing the list of required resources needed to manufacture a product.

Customer Relations

with customers and enhance relationships with them through quicker, easy access to customers' data and history.

Material Management

It facilitates material requirement planning based on availability of multiple resources like machine, equipment and raw materials to ensure hassle-free production process.

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