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Our KENTexpert™ portfolio is ready for your business IT demand. From Cloud Computing Solutions for storage, services, networks and applications to strategic cloud deployment for your recovery, our cloud platform has developed a big business innovation that is affordable and easy to use within your organization..

Powerful CRM Tools To Extend Your Business Reach

KENTexpert™ makes it easy for business managers to get organized and build exceptionally good customer relationships that will last long. Get all your customer data, communication records, marketing details and every other needed aspects for better customer relationship management – all organized and centralized at one secure cloud based platform with KENRelation™, so that you can magnify your business productivity and profitability. With a set of powerful and advance tools, dashboard, integrations and syncing options, it will streamline the entire sales & marketing process of organizations.

Unlimited Growth

Includes unlimited storage, cloud servers, database & also unlimited customization
requests for life.

Enterprise Grade

360 degree enterprise grade security along with 24x7 monitoring of your complete
environment by experts

Pay Per Use

Complete Zero Cost of Ownership and pay only for what you use till the extent of per
minute billing & charge

Onsite Support

It helps to produce an undisrupted chain of successful business performances for retail business owners through effective integration of TM existing POS to KENPoint 's scalable platform.

Unlimited Remote Support

Stay ahead in this competitive era with better TM insights. KENPoint creates accurately targeted mailing lists for special promotions or even product recalls.

Software Support

Standardize complex and extensive product TM databases for better clarity by KENPoint , as it categorizes the products in groups and structured according to user's individual needs.

Printer & Networking Support

Manage inventory cost-effectively with automatic sales, purchase data update, tracking and maintaining the stock of goods with the efficient tracking features.

Antivirus / Virus Removal

KENPoint allows to create and manage login credentials for individual users where the admin can limit merchant accounts that each user can have access as per permissions granted.

Free Visit Per Year

It helps in recognizing appropriate vendors for the numerous goods sold by the retailer and also manages various financial tasks related to vendor management.

24 hr Uptime Guarantee

KENPoint helps to maintain and manage multiple counters from a single platform and provides a swift billing process and functions along with inventory management.

Microsoft outlook & office support

Through KENPoint , it is easy to get real-time access to all the point of sale transactions and other actionable data, irrespective of location of the user or the device used by them.

Operating System Support

KENpoint 's advanced tracking feature efficiently and accurately tracks all the products and the product batches through barcoding or QR scanner for effective monitoring.

Hardware Support

KENpoint 's advanced tracking feature efficiently and accurately tracks all the products and the product batches through barcoding or QR scanner.

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