KENRegister™, the most scalable, secure and integrated Data Management Software delivers you the flexibility to manage the ever increasing data demands of the organization. Whether you need Data Repository to securely store and monitor the data or Cloud-database that provides you with access to the same Database Technology anywhere, you can rely on KENRegister™.

Next-Gen Data Management System

KENRegister™, the name itself resembles that it is a repository to maintain all your crucial data. It is a revolutionary Data Management Software that is designed with IT and business collaboration in mind. It not only lets you store and manage the data but also enables you to track data effectively and automate the crucial business processes. KENRegister™ keeps a complete track of each record to identify potential duplications and helps you to eliminate those.

Efficient On-Cloud DMS

Being a Cloud-based Document Management Software, business people with authorized access can create, manage, capture, share and archive database via an active internet connection, regardless of the geo-graphical location or time. Our software saves the valuable resources and time of the enterprise by allowing the manpower to skip manual data cleansing. With KENRegister™, an organization can;

Unlimited Growth

Includes unlimited storage, cloud servers, database & also unlimited customization
requests for life.

Enterprise Grade

360 degree enterprise grade security along with 24x7 monitoring of your complete
environment by experts

Pay Per Use

Complete Zero Cost of Ownership and pay only for what you use till the extent of per
minute billing & charge

Centralized Repository

A centralized hub where all your documents can be stored with an unlimited storage option and freedom to access documents anytime, anywhere, across devices.

Top-class Security

Comes with unparalleled security measures such as user-authorization module to efficiently secure your confidential business information and documents on the cloud.

Time Saving

Get access to your crucial data and documents in no time as it can be downloaded from the cloud storage irrespective of the location or the device which you are using.

Seamless Sharing

Provides you easy file sharing options with colleagues as all the documents are uploaded on cloud which enables them to access data anytime, anywhere.

Backup System

Proper backup module provides 100% data safety and ensures that no documents are lost in case any of the deployed servers crashes or any other malfunctioning in the hardware systems.

Document Archives

It facilitates in storing and sharing of the active working documents and long-term records with archived document facility, generation of disposition reports for future references.

Manage Content

It helps in managing and controlling all the content of the enterprise irrespective of the content type or size and comes with effective cross platform integration for easy access.

MS Office Integrationg

KENRegister is specifically designed to simplify the working process with different MS office modules and enhances an organization's work efficiency through co-authoring facility.

User Friendly Interface

Experience easy and enhanced document management features with user-friendly designs that enable the user to search, sort, store, download and update documents.

Simple Search Module

Find all the documents you need with ease as TM KENregister facilitates secured storage of documents in a centralized hub which simplifies the searching mechanism.

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